Monday, June 9, 2008

Spring 2008

Here is some art from my Spring 2008 semester. This is just stuff I did for school. ENJOY.

This was for an assignment called "Big and Little." We had to draw something very little on a huge piece of paper (26x40") and something very big on a tiny piece of paper (3x4"). These two images should somehow connect in one way or another. So here is a seahorse.

Here's the "little" part of the assignment. It is a picture of my barn, which is very big LOL. And imagine seeing a cute little seahorse living in a barn instead of in water LOL.

This is a varied edition from Printmaking class. We had to do a stage print... which is to do two or more editions from a single plate, each edition being printed after re-working the plate. This is the first edition.. just a stupid abstracty thing with some chine-colle (glueing paper onto the main paper during the printing process).

...and this is what that plate turned into, after I re-worked it. I was thinking about a futuristic city-scape kind of thing.... decided to use red and yellow and call it "Titan: 3000 A.C.E." even though Titan is mostly just orange.

This is a tiny tiny tiny self-portrait. How unflattering!

This here is Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn. The assignment was to draw our alter ego. Since I oftentimes pretend to be a unicorn when I'm drunk, I figured this might be a good alter ego.

This is an etching done for my Printmaking Class's final trade portfolio (an edition of 15). The theme was "No Shades Of Gray." Obviously, zebras are black and white... but also, they are in love (aw, how sweet!) and love can be a very black and white subject.

This is "Wrath" ..... oh god, this assignment was pretty silly. We had to draw a pastry or dessert that embodied one of the 7 deadly sins. So I drew this cherry danish, with a big bite taken out of it, and cherry jelly just oozing all over the place, like bloody intenstines. I got this piece in the Senior Show, even though I decided to officially be in the show next year, because my teacher liked it so much. I won $250 for it, so that's cool.